Microcurrent Lifting Machines for Beauty Salon

microcurrent with LED 4 Colour Therapy Chroma Visage from Carlton Professional microcurrent with LED 4 Colour Therapy Chroma Visage from Carlton Professional

Chroma Visage - a 4 Colour LED Light Therapy with Microcurrent Lifting from Carlton Professional (CC2320)

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Mesotherapy needle free infusion Mesotherapy needle free infusion

combine microcurrent, Infusion & Ice Therapy treatments in the one unit can treat cosmetic conditions including: acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scars & wrinkles.
Needle free mesotherapy facilitates the penetration of therapeutic substances to the hypodermis (MES-SM8106)

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Microcurrent Lifting  (MIC-SM1108) Microcurrent Lifting (MIC-SM1108)

uses low frequency microcurrent to stimulate muscle tissue beneath the skin.
Microcurrent is a form of beauty therapy that seems to have been around for "century's" and it works.
The effect on facial appearance when the underlying muscles are tightened and the skin is strengthened and full of life is quite incredible.
Microcurrent has the same fantastic effect on upper arms, neck and breast areas.

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Microcurrent  Lift from Carlton Professional Microcurrent Lift from Carlton Professional

Micro Current Lift with Carlton Professional Ultra Visage (CC2000)

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Galvanic, HF & Microcurrent from Carlton Professional Galvanic, HF & Microcurrent from Carlton Professional

combines Galvanic, HF & Microcurrent treatments in a compact multi function unit.
Lift Professional from Carlton Professional (CC2010)

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Brilliant Facial from Carlton Professional  Brilliant Facial from Carlton Professional

Microcurrent, Diamond Microdermabrasion & Colour Therapy by Carlton Professional - Derma3cope (CC4000)

Derma3cope is a 3-in-1 unit combining Diamond Peeling, Microcurrent lifting and LED Colour Therapy. It is designed to give regenerating, smoothing and anti-ageing effects to the facial tissues as well as enabling the therapist to offer a bespoke facial to clients. Derma3cope (CC4000)

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Upgrade your beauty salon with the latest in spa technology from the Carlton Professional line of Microcurrent Machines. For more than 70 years, Elegans Health & Beauty has been supplying the beauty industry with high performance microcurrent units, and helping salons to serve their clients with the highest level of satisfaction.
Microcurrent is a simple beauty treatment that uses a very low electrical current to tighten and tone the skin to reduce age-related lines. The treatment can be applied to the face to reduce fine lines and tighten sagging skin. Used on the body, the microcurrent firms, tones and relaxes the muscles, producing a noticeable improvement in appearance.
Customers have a wide range of equipment to choose from, with varied features and options to help salon owners provide a better experience for their clients.
The Carlton Professional line ranges from the LED Colour Therapy low frequency microcurrent machine to the highly efficient Diamond Microdermabrasion machine. Choosing a multi-function machine can lead to an increase in the number of beauty services available to clients. For salons with a more discerning clientele, a high efficiency machine that combines galvanic, high frequency and microcurrent offers a superb facial treatment that reprograms muscle fibers, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
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Professional Salon Machines & Supplies in Australia
Elegans Health & Beauty has for more than 75 years provided quality Australian made and imported furniture, machines and accessories  throughout Australia and the Pacific.

Elegans provide salon supplies and beauty machine and distributor in Australia. We can supply all your needs backed by our in-house sales, service and training teams. All servicing is done in-house by qualified staff in our assembly area in Sydney where we also manufacture Rayvue units which have been the standard for the industry since 1940.