Biggest Beauty Salon Equipment & Supplies Provider in Australia Expands Website

Elegans Health and Beauty, a premier supplier of beauty salon equipment for sale in Australia, has greatly expanded its brand presence online since the 2013 launch of its website, say representatives. The site was constructed and optimized based on SEO Samba’s organic SEO technology, and since it went live Australian professionals in the beauty industry have been made more aware of the complete line of products, treatments, beauty therapy equipment and other items sold through Elegans. The site is expanding its online campaign to create more awareness of its products to both the beauty professional and beauty educators.

The company's catalog of beauty equipment for sale includes a wide range of multi function machines, together with units that perform colour light therapy (or photo rejuvenation as it is sometimes called), diamond & crystal microdermabrasion products, facial steaming, ice therapy, RF and all the basic beauty functions that form part of this fantastic industry. The various high quality & performing units offered are perfect for the services that a client seeking beauty therapy services expects will be provided at their preferred beauty salon including facial and body massage, electrolysis and Microcurrent lifting treatments. Other specialty equipment offered includes items for electronic muscle stimulation, electrolysis needles, brush machines, body equipment and other beauty therapy modalities..

The catalog also includes skin care products and consumables as part of its inventory of beauty salon equipment for sale. One observer to the beauty industry notes this is needed, because "you'll need all the lotions, oils and the additional equipment and products for treatments, massages and everything else clients expect." The site advises that “Elegans Health & Beauty has for more than 75 years provided quality Rayvue Australian made and imported equipment, furniture and accessories to the Beauty industry throughout Australia and the Pacific.”

Industry partners who contribute items to the Elegans inventory include the Carlton Beauty & Spa Group of the UK , SkinMate Beauty Equipment, Silhouette Thermal Lift, Daylight Lamps, and other quality and high performance equipment and brands. The diversity and depth of material supplies caters to the clients’ needs, and consists of the most state-of-the-art technology and beauty therapy equipment available in the industry. The site lists products down to the furniture most beauty technicians are likely to be using as they provide treatments, and treatment couches for the clients to relax in as they are receiving treatments.

Appropriate furniture for beauty salon also includes reception chairs or couches, stools, trolleys and other amenities. Beauty Professionals and Consumers are very positive with the website’s approach and layout, along with its high regard for supplying only quality beauty equipment for sale. The site expects expansion of Web content to correspond with the larger inventory carried by the company, and increased testimonials from satisfied clients and business partners.



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Professional Salon Machines & Supplies in Australia
Elegans Health & Beauty has for more than 75 years provided quality Australian made and imported furniture, machines and accessories  throughout Australia and the Pacific.

Elegans provide salon supplies and beauty machine and distributor in Australia. We can supply all your needs backed by our in-house sales, service and training teams. All servicing is done in-house by qualified staff in our assembly area in Sydney where we also manufacture Rayvue units which have been the standard for the industry since 1940.