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Brush unit from Carlton Professional (CC2332)

Download catalogueA variable speed rotary cleansing system with brushed to slough off the dead cells and to remove grime and dirt clinging to the surface of the skin. The micro-brush system features an accurate electronic speed control for different skin types and has a sophisticated micro-motor that will not stop under pressure even at very slow speeds. Rotating on the skin at several hundred R.P.M the soft brushed create an excellent massage. They cleanse the skin and stimulate whilst giving a light exfoliation. A micro-brush cleansing treatment should follow a warm towel compress or a steam treatment to soften the dead cells so that they can be removed more easily. Both the soft goat hair brushes and the natural sponge heads are ideal for the application of certain products.

A feature of this unit is the changeover switch to select either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation for equal effect on either side of the client’s face.

The Carlton micro-brush system is supplied complete with five applicators as illustrated.

Applicator heads:
1 40mm dia. Natural bristle brush 1 40mm dia. Natural sponge
1 40mm dia. Soft goat hair brush 1 20mm dia. Natural sponge
1 20mm dia. Soft goat hair brush
Size: (LxWxH) 280 x 205 x 140mm Weight: 2.6kg

Warranty: 3 Years.
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