Facial Steamers for Beauty Salon

Facia steamers use steam applied gently to the skin to moisten and cleanse. Steam applied to the face causes the pores to expand and also stimulates blood circulation.

Facial Steamer Tap Water Facial Steamer Tap Water

Facial Steamer with ozone. Uses Tap Water only. no need to purchase Distilled Water (STE-SM202M)
a facial steamer increases the circulation which improves the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin whilst also assisting to remove waste products
A weekly 2 minute clean of the water container & element will maintain the performance of the steamer.


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Distilled Water Steamer Distilled Water Steamer

Distilled Water Steamer with Ozone and digital controls (STE-BM03)


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Brush, Mag Lamp, Steamer Brush, Mag Lamp, Steamer

Combining 3 items that are in daily use in your busy Salon or College. Brush, Mag Lamp and Facial Steamer. Modern design with digital touch-screen controls all mounted on a 5 leg mobile stand. (MULTI3-SM620).....


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Multi Function incl Vacuum Spray Multi Function incl Vacuum Spray

Configured with Brush, Galvanic, High Frequency & Vacuum together with standard functions of Mag Lamp, Steamer & Woods Lamp. This 7 function unit can be increased up to a 14 function unit whenever you determine to do so. A Hot Towel cabinet designed to fit on the base is available.


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Multi-Function - 7 to 14 Functions Multi-Function - 7 to 14 Functions

This unique multi function unit is configured to hold up to 7 individual function modalities. The frame comes complete with a tap water Facial Steamer, LED Mag lamp (12.5cm), and a Woods Lamp.
To these 3 units are (most usually) added 4 functions or modalities of:
Galvanic, High Frequency, Microcurrent, and Brush …making a 7 function unit.


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Brush and Facial Steamer Brush and Facial Steamer

Facial Steamer & Brush in one brilliant, simple and digitally operated unit.


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