Galvanic and High Frequency


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SKU code: MULTI2-SM605
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Weight: 5.200 kg
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Galvanic & High Frequency in one unit (MULTI2-SM605)The High Frequency and Galvanic is a 2 in1 machine that produces a Galvanic or Direct current suitable for infusion and disencrustation by ionisation; and
a High Frequency current used to treat various skin conditions especially acne prone skin types..

The unit comprises separate galvanic generator and high frequency generators, housed in a sturdy steel case with controls for intensity. The galvanic side also has controls and polarity and a milliamp meter (mA) to indicate the intensity of the current passing between the electrodes.

- 2 in 1 machine.
- Galvanic and Direct currents.
- Suitable for ionisation and disencrustation.

1 – Insulated High Frequency Handle w/wire
1 – Roller Electrode
1 – Glass Spoon Electrode
1 – Ball Electrode
1 – Glass Mushroom Electrode
1 – Circle Electrode
1 – Glass Straight Electrode (no coil wire inside)
1 – Indifferent Electrode
1 - Glass-angled Spot Electrode
1 – Negative & Positive Wire
1 – Galvanic Handle

Warranty: 12 months.
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  • The Carlton Beauty & Spa Group Australia
  • SKINMATE Australia
  • Silhouette Dermalift Australia
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