Diamond Microderm with LED

The handpiece in this diamond unit includes Red & Blue LED Colour Therapy (0Hz) providing a calming, rejuvenating and soothing finish to the treatment.

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Diamond microdermabrasion is a non-surgical progressive treatment for superior skin resurfacing, using diamond encrusted heads to safely and gently abrade the epidermis. Primary function of Microdermabrasion is to remove skin debris and to correct or minimize imperfections, blemishes and age damage.Moderate usage of Diamond microdermabrasion, accompanied with salon prescribed products that penetrate through to the dermis level will help to replenish nutrients, and restore cellular activity. Diamond microdermabrasion is less abrasive than crystal microdermabrasion.

Adjustable vacuum & suction controls are mounted on the front with a vacuum/pressure gauge.

The use of zero Hz LED at the conclusion of a microdermabrasion treatment will ensure that your client completes their experience with a calming and motivating feeling.
Red: rejuvenates, soothes and relaxes.
Blue: is calming both to skin and to physiology

– Microdermabrasion handpiece includes Red and Blue Colour Therapy LED
– Vacuum pump removes the abraded skin during the procedure
– An easy to clean filter is mounted on the back of the unit
– Handpiece filters are removable & disposable
– Consumables include specific replacement filters for handpiece and requirement to replace the external vacuum tubing (around 60cm) at least once each year.

Warranty: 12 months

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