Professional Salon Machines & Supplies in Australia.

Our story

Elegans Health & Beauty has for more than 75 years provided quality Australian made and imported furniture, machines and accessories throughout Australia and the Pacific.

We can supply all your needs backed by our in-house sales, service and training teams. All servicing is done in-house by qualified staff in our assembly area in Sydney where we also manufacture Rayvue units which have been the standard for the industry since 1940.

Rayvue Beauty Equipment & Beauty Furniture was developed whilst trading under name of X-Ray Supplies. Rayvue Beauty Equipment is still manufactured by us today.

We are Australian owned and proud of it. Elegans comprises a team that understands the intricacies of the beauty industry and the high standards to which they aspire. We know that for your business to be successful it needs equipment, furniture and accessories that combine premium quality and great pricing – and these are what we offer.

Elegans knows that the products you buy must not only fit your budget they must also enhance the experience for your clients in your Salon, Snical and maintenance team ensures that your equipment is able to be maintained at the highest level. Any warranty procedures for our local manufactured Rayvue products and our extensive range of quality imported beauty equipment, beauty furniture and beauty supplies are carried out within our Sydney premises. This vital difference ensures that any problems that may arise have a speedy outcome which assists in maintaining the profitability of your business.

Elegans constantly strives to ensure that the needs of our clients are paramount and that the products that we offer are both efficient and economical. Our range of quality product is second to none.

Phone our friendly staff on 02 8850 6355 for all enquiries and quotations.