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Elegans Health & Beauty has more than 75 years experience providing quality Australian made and imported machines, furniture, skincare and accessories to the Beauty industry throughout Australia. So we can answer any questions, get you the best price, check availability and process your order and delivery, please phone Elegans on 02 8850 6355

The Right Advice

Phone 02 8850 6355 or email us so we can advise and quote you on the best product for your needs.

Lifetime Support

We guarantee our products and provide outstanding support and assistance.

100% Original

Industry standard and high quality furniture, machines and equipment.


We can supply all your needs, backed by our in-house sales, service and training teams. All servicing is done in-house by qualified staff in our assembly area in Sydney, where we also manufacture Rayvue units, which have been the standard for the industry since 1940.
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