Galvanic Multi-function 7-14

This unique multi function unit is configured to hold up to 7 individual function modalities. The frame comes complete with a tap water Facial Steamer, LED Mag lamp (12.5cm), and a Woods Lamp.




To these 3 units are (most usually) added 4 functions or modalities of:
Galvanic, High Frequency, Microcurrent, and Brush …making a 7 function unit.
Other function units that can be inserted into the 3 remaining empty spaces are:
Ice Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage – Patter Massage, Photo Rejuvenation- 4 Colour LED Colour Therapy, Sonophoresis-Ultrasonic with face, eye and body probes, Vacuum Spray any of these functions can be used to replace any one of the 4 standard functions above:
a Diamond Microdermabrasion unit that is suitable to teach the techniques required to provide microdermabrasion is available. This unit is not suitable for continuous use in a Salon environment.
Price: for differing configurations is dependent on the items included.

Whilst the frame has slots to accommodate 7 function box’s;
in addition to the 3 in-built functions of Steamer, Mag & Woods Lamp,
that does not limit the functions you can have with the unit as;
individual function boxes can be stored on the base or in a cupboard or on a work area.

A Hot Towel Cabinet with UV that will fit onto the base of the unit is available.
The cabinet is small (33.5x 28x 28cm) to enable it to fit within the frame.
The Hot Towel cabinet will hold up to 24 facecloths

What is the unique difference on this machine?

With this unit you are able to remove any of the individual functions ..which are each housed in a separate box and take that function and the accessories needed to perform that treatment to any other location that you need for example, a client’s home or workplace, or to a Department Store where you may be demonstrating skincare and skincare products, or in a College environment, amongst the students.

Warranty: 12 months.
Dimensions: 43(w) x 42(d) x 98cm (h) to top of case. Total height including Mag is 156cm

SKU code: MULTI3000
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Weight: 30 kg