Hot Towel Cabinet with Window

Hot Towel Cabinet holds 36 facial towels in its 18.5 litre capacity. Thermostat maintains temperature ensuring that when you need warm towels they are available.
Single switch control, with the added feature that the heating turns off when the door is opened.




Automatically switches back after a few minutes once the door is closed.

In heating process external red light will not stay on. The light will go out and then re-light once the heating element has re-commenced. Dependent on ambient temperature and amount of times the door is opened, this can take some minutes.

From start up to reach full temperature can require 20-30 minutes.

The unit has side opening door with window and a removable shelf.

Holds up to 36 facial towels or up to 12 hand towels.

Thermostat controlled temperature of approximately 70±10 deg C.

Dimensions: 18.5 litre capacity.
internal: 37(w) x 25(h) x 20cm(d)
external: 45(w) x 35.5(h) x 31.5cm(d)

Warranty: 12 months

SKU code: HOT-SM311
MPN code: HOT-SM311
Weight: 7 kg