LED 4 Colour Therapy

LED 4 Colour Light Therapy Chroma Solo unit by Carlton Professional.




Used in combination with other treatments or separately, the LED Colour Therapy treatment stimulates the skin’s cells to facilitate change.

The inclusion of four colours (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) using LED lights and set at specific wavelengths offers a wide range of benefits.

For example, Green cools and reduces redness, Blue reduces swelling and offers anti-bacterial effects for the treatment of acne, Red rejuvenates and stimulates the lymphatic system, whilst Yellow tones and smooths the skin, as well as promoting the production of collagen.

Four pulsed modes are also included which allows the wavelengths to penetrate the skin at different levels.

A highly versatile treatment, LED Colour Therapy can be incorporated into any treatment from dermabrasion to a massage.

Size: 100 x 165 x 55mm Weight: 525g
Warranty: 3 Years

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