Multi-function Ultra Body Complex

Combining Faradic and Galvanic treatments with the option of including or adding LED 4 Colour Therapy at any time.

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Providing great flexibility and versatility when undertaking slimming and body toning treatments.

The unit combines an 8 outlet, 16 pad Faradic function with a 4 outlet, 8 pad Galvanic function and a Galvanic Body roller function.

4 Colour LED Colour Therapy (as shown in the image) can be added at any time.

2 of 25mm facial electrodes and holder
20 of 100mm electrode pads
4 of 75mm electrode pads
2 body electrodes and connecting leads
1 indifferent electrode
1 set of elasticated body straps.

Dimensions: 485(l) 305(w) 200(h)
Warranty: 3 years

SKU code: CC8000
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Weight: 14 kg