UltraPro Complex

Combines Brush, Galvanic, High Frequency, Microcurrent, Face & Body Vacuum and Vacupulse, the latter providing a pulsing massage through pairs of pneumo-lifting cups. A complete treatment system for your salon, spa or college.




Includes Galvanic / Micro- Current / High Frequency / Vacuum / Vacupulse / Brushing. The UltraPro Complex incorporates six specific functions providing the therapist with everything in one compact unit.

The machine very practical for the busy salon and spa where time is of the essence. It comes complete with a full set of accessories for each function totaling 30 in all.

A Colour Therapy Applicator is available separately (CC85) with Red, Blue, Green & Yellow with four pulsed modes

2 Body Electrodes and 2 Lifting probe electrodes & 2 Metal lifting tips
2 Cleanse electrodes & 2 Body electrodes
1 Indifferent electrode with sponge cover-small
1 Small twin ball electrode & 2 Roller electrodes
4 Glass high frequency electrodes
1 Set of vacuum ventouses (5) and 1 set of vacuum body cups (2)
1 Pair of large round & 1 pair of small round pneumocups
1 20mm dia. and 1 40mm dia. Natural sponge
1 40mm dia. Soft goat hair brush
1 Tubing set
1 Set of products & 1 Video CD Size: (L x W x H) 535 x 305 x 200mm

Warranty: 3 Years

SKU code: CC6000
MPN code: CC6000
Weight: 13.5 kg