Autoclave 8 litre

A pre and post vacuum B Class autoclave intended for the sterilisation of unwrapped and wrapped solid items.

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(Hollow implements require a B Class unit.) (STER-8L-PURUS)
Closed door drying cycle with digital temperature readout.
– Complete with chamber racks & trays
– 7 litre capacity. (A smaller model with 2 litre capacity is available.)
– Chamber dimensions: 17cm dimensions, 30cm length
– Fast sterilization times with quiet operation
– A printer using thermal paper is included
– Installed with BOWIE DICK & LEAK tests.
Sterilizing Temperature/pressure of 121-134 degrees Celsius
Size: (D x W x H) 54 x 37 x 38cm and weight of 37kg
Sterilising area: diameter: 170mm; depth: 300mm
TGA Approved and CE Compliant.

MPN code:
Weight: 37kg