Galvanic HF Microcurrent

Combines Galvanic, HF & Microcurrent treatments in a compact multi function unit.
Lift Professional from Carlton Professional

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Lift Professional is a unique combination of Ultraderm and Ultra Visage.

High frequency, Galvanic and Micro-Current give you full flexibility enabling you to choose between a combination of treatments or individually as required.
Micro-Current is for both face and body.

4 Glass high frequency electrodes
2 Lifting probe electrodes
2 Metal lifting tips
2 Cleanse electrodes
2 Body electrodes
1 Indifferent electrode with sponge cover-small
1 Small twin ball electrode
2 Roller electrodes
1 Set of connecting cables
1 Packet disposable sponges
1 Sample pack of facial record cards
1 Set of products
1 Video CD

Size: (L x W x H) 380 x 255 x 175mm

Warranty: 3 Years

SKU code: CC2010
MPN code: CC2010
Weight: 6 kg