High Frequency Classic

A professional electronic unit for the beauty salon supplied with three (3) popular electrodes fitted into a smaller white powder-coated casing.
The sophisticated Carlton high frequency current changes up to 200,000 times per second and the circuitry intensifies the mains voltage up to 150,000 volts with only minimal amperage, giving tremendous benefit to the client.




The primary action of this current is thermal, or to produce heat. Because of its rapid oscillation there are no muscular contractions and the effects are either stimulation or soothing depending on the method of application.

The high frequency current has a marked germicidal action on the skin and aids the deeper penetration of products. The high frequency handle has been manufactured from a high insulation material designed to inhibit the transfer of current through to the therapist and, of course, to the client during indirect operation with the saturator electrode.

1 HF 903 Large facial / body bulb
1 HF 911 Glass saturator for indirect work
1 HF 904 Small facial Bulb
Size: (LxWxH) 235 x 125 x 65mm Weight: 2 kg

Warranty: 3 Years

SKU code: CC HF11
MPN code: CC HF11
Weight: 2 kg