Hydro-Air Facial

A Hydro Facial unit using the natural elements of Air and Water combine to provide perfect, glowing skin.
Hydro Facial combines natures basic elements of air & water enabling the Therapist to treat minor skin conditions & enhance a clients complexion providing that client with glowing, healthy skin without the abrasive outcomes of ordinary microdermabrasion.



This innovative hydro facial unit uses a combination of the natural elements of air and water (hydrofloral Solution) which are lightly ‘jetted’ onto the skin.

Aquabrading® offers an effective anti-ageing and rejuvenating treatment, taking the natural process of skin renewal, which slows down as we age, and enhancing that process.

Two modes are available on the machine: Jet and Spray.

The Jet modes uses a pen to facilitate the flow of Hydrofloral Solution onto the skin. The strong air compressor accelerates the kinetic energy of the microsized droplets
of air and solution. Hydrofloral Solutions are produced as part of the distillation process of essential oil extraction. These floral waters contain water- soluble constituents, with micronized droplets of essential oils suspended in the water.

Using the jet mode, the outer layer of keratinised dead skin cells is removed, leaving the skin feeling revitalised, energised and soft to the touch. The treatment can be tailored, due to the controllable level of pressure, making it suitable for any skin type from sensitive to oily. This ‘control’ also allows the level of abrasion to be reduced around sensitive areas, such as the eyes and forehead.

The Spray Mode uses micronisation of product, via a chosen VisageH2O ampoule appropriate for the client’s condition, to facilitate the transdermal delivery of supplements to the skin. As micronised droplets are only a few microns in diameter they are incredibly easily absorbed for superb results.

Two Hydrofloral Solutions are supplied with the machine:
– Peppermint, is used to refresh and is antibacterial, making it ideal for acneic skin.
– Rose, which adds and helps to retain moisture for dry, mature and sensitive skins, as well as stimulating the regeneration process.

Results from Aquabrading® include deep cleansing, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, with fine lines being plumped out.
The treatment is cooling and soothing but also provides a stimulating effect on the skin.

Hydrodermabrasion only better.

Colour Therapy is also included on the Visage H2O. Used in combination with the Aquabrading® treatment or separately, the Colour Therapy treatment stimulates the skin’s cells to facilitate change. The inclusion of four colours (red, green, blue and yellow) using LED lights and set at varying wavelengths offers a wide range of benefits.

For example, green cools and reduces redness, blue reduces swelling and offers antibacterial effects for the treatment of acne, red rejuvenates and stimulates the lymphatic system, whilst yellow tones and smoothes the skin, as well as promoting the production of collagen.

Four pulsed modes are also included which allow the wavelengths to penetrate the skin at different levels providing stimulation for the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue and deep into the circulatory system.

The number of treatments required is dependent on the skin condition. A one off treatment may be offered to give a fabulous bloom to the skin, whilst some conditions may require between 6-10 sessions and thereafter a maintenance session every 4-6 weeks. The treatment lasts between 20-30 minutes including Colour Therapy. Human friendly and eco-friendly. The only consumable required for this treatment is a small quantity of a hydrofloral essence making it very simple to use and highly cost effective.
Warranty: 2 Years. Dimensions 30cm x 47cm x 128(h)