Microcurrent Lifting (MIC-SM1108)

Uses low frequency microcurrent to stimulate muscle tissue beneath the skin.

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Microcurrent is a form of beauty therapy that seems to have been around for centuries and it works.
The effect on facial appearance when the underlying muscles are tightened, and the skin is strengthened and full of life is quite incredible.
Microcurrent has the same fantastic effect on upper arms, neck and breast areas.

– Produces a lifting and toning effect.
– Helps restore skin elasticity and texture.
– Exercises the muscle fibres with light electro pulses.
– This exercise of muscle fibre lifts and tightens the jaw, neck and facial tissue.
– The skin tone of the face will improve as the muscles are exercised and tightened.
– Restores the skins natural elasticity and texture.

– Pre-set programs that massage and tone the muscles.
– includes 2 Rollers 2 Cleanse and 2 Ball or lifting electrodes.

Weight: 2kg
Warranty: 12 months