Fingerswitch Blend from Carlton Professional

Combines two effective methods of hair removal which simultaneously increases the success of the treatment. Electrolysis & Galvanic combined in Carlton Ultra Blend

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Galvanic produces lye (NaOH) at the negative pole, in this case the needle, to chemically destroy the dermal papilla. This is a very slow method but the success rate is high.

Electrolysis destroys the papilla quickly and effectively.

When Galvanic and Electrolysis are used simultaneously they are complementary giving a short application time with an extremely effective result.

– Extremely effective results.
– Shorter treatment times.

– 1 CC11/C switched needle holder
– 1 Dumont Swiss “H” epilation forceps – 1 Box (50) of Carlton disposable needles – 1 Pack of client record cards – 1 Indifferent electrode – 1 Small twin ball electrode – 1 Sponge cover – 1 Set of connecting cables
Size: (L x W x H) 280 x 205 x 140mm


Warranty: 3 Years

SKU code: CC2337
MPN code: CC2337
Weight: 4.1 kg