Rayvue Blend comprising Epilation and Galvanic

Blend offers both thermolysis (electrolysis) and galvanic current. Blend allows switching between currents, or simultaneously use both for a faster, more efficient destruction of the follicle.

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The RAYVUE THERMOGAL is an epilator designed to be used by professional electrologists. It provides the options of galvanic (direct) current or short wave diathermy current or both simultaneously otherwise known as Blend.

– Each output can be used independently or blended together
– With dual metering ‘Thermogal’ allows accurate and individual monitoring of each current using hand controls and footswitches for on/off switches
– Conventional thermolysis and conventional electrolysis only
– Blend epilation and ionisation / disencrustation

– Includes Ballet needle holder, size F or K and galvanic set

Warranty – 12 months

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MPN code: BLE
Weight: 4 kg